• Nadav Halamish, Zehut Knesset Candidate

The Rabin heritage, for the generation that did not live and die in Oslo time

​In 1994 Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin signed the Oslo Accords with mass murderer Yasser Arafat. In these agreements extensive areas of Judea and Samaria were handed over to the control of the Arabs and, in fact, by signing them the State of Israel declared that the country belongs to the Arabs and that the Jews are the bad guys.

In addition, as part of these agreements the army of the Arabs of Israel was officially set up, that was called "the Palestinian Police", to which Arafat appointed hundreds of murderers from Tunis who belonged to the PLO terrorist organization. It was supplied with thousands of AK47 assault rifles and ammunition. These AK47s, that were far more effective than the M16 in use in the IDF at that time, had been taken from the PLO fighters ten years earlier in the Peace for Galilee War. The transfer of the weapons to the Arabs was supervised by Shaul Mofaz, who was subsequently appointed to the post of CGS of the IDF.

Moshe Feiglin, current head of the Zehut party, set up at that time the non-violent protest movement called Zo Artzenu (this is our country) against the agreements. The movement blocked all the highways in the country and brought thousands of people onto the streets. This was the largest protest ever conducted in Israel.

This had no effect on Prime Minister Rabin, who disparagingly called the protestors "propellers".

The number of Jews murdered by the Arabs was doubled following the agreements, and in the two years after them hundreds of Jews were murdered in exploding buses caused by suicide Arab attackers. Not a single week went by without red headlines in the press.

People began to be afraid to travel in buses.

Furthermore, the above mentioned Arab army began attacking IDF soldiers and killed Jews on a number of occasions.

One of the greatest results of these agreements was that the IDF forgot what its function was and who was the enemy (part of the agreements referred to joint patrols between the IDF and the Arab army). Since there was no longer a need for a fighting army it turned into a political organization that promotes to the rank of Brigadier-General and above only those officers who identify with the suicidal approach. At present the entire senior command in the IDF consists of political appointments, and does not include even a single officer capable of, or interested, in defeating the enemy.

All the Prime Ministers since then, from both the Left and the Right, have chosen not to abrogate the Oslo Accords.

The most prominent amongst them was the Netanyahu government that reinforced the Arab army with tens of APCs and machine-guns, as a gift from the State of Israel. It also delivered thousands of tons of cement for strengthening the fortifications of Gaza in preparation for their next war against Israel, and even when rockets land in Beersheba and Tel Aviv this government doesn’t find it justified going to war, not to mention the first state security act the Zehut party is commited to after being elected to lead Israel:

Complete abrogation of the Oslo Accords and the return of exclusive Israeli sovereignty to its land.

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