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Moshe Feiglin on Facebook: My Conclusion from Rabin Assassination

In a Hebrew interview on Moreshet radio, I said that my conclusion from the terrible assassination of PM Rabin 23 years ago, is that no government should try to make drastic, irreversible changes – changes that are devastating to a broad sector of the public – by means of a political trick. That is why Zehut has put its entire platform on the table. Sometimes people advise me to hide certain components of our plan. But as a lesson from the Rabin assassination, it is important to me to make everything available to the public, who will then be able to make an informed decision about the path that it wants Israel to take. Click here for the Moreshet interview, here for the interview on the same topic on Netanyah Radio and here for the Arutz 7 interview.

Click here for Zehut’s platform.

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