• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Israel Needs Leadership that Exercises its Sovereignty

Why is it fine for the High Court to override the government’s decision not to allow leftist BDS activist Lara Elqasem into Israel? The question of who the State chooses to host is not the High Court’s business! Can somebody force you to host someone who you are not interested in hosting in your home?

When the British government decided to ban me from entering its gates, I didn’t even think of turning to the British courts. The elected government of Britain is the representative of the nation, which makes it its ‘homeowner’. The homeowner decides who comes into the British national home and who does not.

In Israel, the High Court has decided that it is the homeowner. It is not the High Court’s fault. If the Right had given you the country, you wouldn’t take it?

This morning, Israel woke up to the understanding that even the High Court is not sovereign in our country. The High Court had authorized the evacuation of the illegal Bedouin settlement, Han el Achkmar. But the president of the International Court in Hague issued a warning and Israel’s government simply backed down.

Israel needs leadership that doesn’t dream about shopping in Marks and Spencer, leadership that knows how to exercise its sovereignty and believes that it is the duly elected homeowner of our national home.


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