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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

This Government’s “Legitimacy Batteries” Will Never be Charged

The Netanyahu government (yes, the most rightist government we have ever had) is bankrupt. According to them, a direct hit on a home in Be’er Sheva and its collapse on the family inside is not a reason to go to war. Many say that if the good Lord in Heaven had not been watching over that family, we would now be in the midst of a war in Gaza.

I do not agree. Even if, God forbid, civilians would have been killed, the government’s “legitimacy batteries” would not have been charged.

Our long and tragic history has taught us that every retreat from your principles is the gateway to an even deeper retreat. If we don’t fight against the incendiary kites and we are willing to “contain” the blazes, if we don’t fight against the missiles and “contain” the destruction of the home in Be’er Sheva, we will also be willing to “contain” fatalities. I have no doubt about that.

Netanyahu, Bennett, Lieberman and certainly the rest of the ministers have no idea where they want to go. There is no strategy. Their only consideration is what the public is more willing to forgive. Action? Or fiasco?

This government is comprised of anything but leaders.

They are excellent politicians.

Some of them are also good administrators.

But they do not have – and never will have – what Israel needs today: A clear identity that fosters vision, direction and a message. Those are the ingredients that make up strategy, which determines the tactical decisions. Specific limited events should not determine strategy.

Yes, we should have gone to war over the incendiary kites – and the goal should have been to win. But those who do not think strategically cannot understand that. So we will find ourselves being dragged into a war under much more difficult conditions.

#Gaza #Terror

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