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Moshe Feiglin to PM: Win in Gaza or Resign

In a Facebook post following the Hamas rocket attack that destroyed a home in Be'er Sheva, Moshe Feiglin wrote the following:

The definition of victory is: The unconditional surrender of the enemy. For anything less than that, I am not willing to send even one soldier to die in Gaza.

The Netanyahu government continues to conduct Israel’s affairs from within the erroneous Oslo construct. This will ensure us another glorious defeat, similar to the previous rounds of fighting in Gaza. At the end of the upcoming round, Be’er Sheva will be captive to the whims of the Hamas. As long as this is the case, Zehut will oppose any military incursion into Gaza and unnecessary jeopardizing of our soldiers’ lives.

Let’s first see Israel cutting off Gaza’s electricity and water.

Let’s first see Israel eliminating – from the air – all the Hamas commanders.

PM Netanyahu: I was in the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee meeting before Operation Protective Edge ended in defeat. I gave warning of exactly what would happen. At that point, I kept my warning inside the Committee chamber. Now I am saying it in the open:

Do not send our soldiers to die in the alleyways of Gaza for a political war show. If you have no intention of winning, you must simply resign.

For Zehut’s plan for Gaza:

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