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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Passivity on Gaza Border Will Lead to Catastrophe

From the attack on an IDF position on the Gaza border on Friday, we can clearly see that the Netanyahu government’s passive defense policy – the concrete blocks, walls, Iron Domes, the breathing apparatus to clear the airway from the smoke and other jokes like these – encourage the enemy and fill them with extraordinary courage. The fact that the Gazans dared to advance under fire all the way to the IDF position and to return afterwards to successfully retrieve their friend’s body– under the nose of the IDF soldiers – ensures that if this will continue, we will have another Gilad Shalit situation on our hands.

The IDF spokesman’s version of events shows us how the culture of falsehood has spread in the senior command.

We don’t need a catastrophe to understand that the entire theoretical construct on which Israel’s Gaza policy stands is erroneous and has collapsed. It is time to plan a new route.

Since Oslo, Israel’s leadership has been captive to a mentality that does not allow this to happen. They lack a simple ingredient - identity.

For Zehut’s plan for Gaza:

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