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  • Shimon Cohen, Arutz 7

Interview with Moshe Feiglin: “There is High Tide and there is Low Tide”

Translated from the Hebrew Arutz 7 interview:

Moshe Feiglin, interviewed on Israel National News, sees the Oslo mentality, which he says has also become entrenched in Israel’s Right, as the basis of Palestinian terror - and talks about the polls that show him at 1.25 percent.

Does Sunday’s murderous terror attack in Barkan herald the end of the era of co-existence that until now, more than a few of the Jewish residents of Samaria – particularly, the residents of Barkan – would boast about?

“Neither the Left or the Right can extricate themselves from its grip,” Moshe Feiglin opens with his view on the tapestry of Jewish-Arab life in Judea and Samaria. “The dissonance between co-existence and the murder of Jews in these places is a fact.”

To explain the complex reality and his solution, Feiglin provides us with a more general, historic perspective. In his words, “Anybody who talks about a Palestinian nation and a Palestinian state in this Land cannot solve the dissonance, and it leads to the next murder. It is true that the private Arab is a person who can be loyal and kind, and to say that all Arabs are murderers does not reflect the truth. There is no difference between them and us on that point. But if we raise them to the level of a nation, they turn into a monster, because the “Palestinian” self-definition is not for a self-sufficient state. Instead, their fabricated national definition is one issue alone: the negation of our State, the destruction of our State. As a nation, they exist in order to destroy us.”

Feiglin states that “we, in our foolishness, intensify the recognition” and in this context he mentions the Right wing parties who have adopted the Oslo terminology and talk of dividing the Land into Areas A, B and C, which, in his opinion, leads to murder. When asked if the National Union party does not prove in its actions and words that it has disassociated from that terminology, Feiglin replies: “The National Union says many correct things. Smotrich took my diplomatic plan and copied it. But it is impossible to vote for the National Union. One can only vote for the Jewish Home party, of which they are a faction.”

Feiglin says that while it is true that the lust for murder has always existed among the Arabs, “when we try to find a solution for this dissonance, we must understand that it stems from the fact that we are swaying them from a mentality of individuals to a mentality of a nation.”

Moshe Feiglin answers questions on current political with a broad, historical perspective. That is what happens when we ask if the fact that his attempt to establish a political alternative has not succeeded – not in the ruling party and according to the last Channel 2 poll which gave him 1.25 percent of the vote – not outside it either, makes it advisable for him to join an existing rightist party. Feiglin answers this question with a historical perspective that sees the Right and Left in Israel as two arms of the same secular Zionist body that has lost its way after abandoning God.

“Herzl dreamed of returning the Nation of Israel to its Land and to propel it from its community dimension to its Homeland, or to some homeland, someplace – and to turn it into a sovereign nation, while leaving God in the exile. This is the dream of Zionism. The operation succeeded and the Nation of Israel returned to its Land. Herzl was sure that anti-Semitism would disappear when we would establish a state. But it is impossible to take away a nation’s faith-based monotheistic identity and leave a vacuum. Left and Right entered that vacuum. The Left proposed replacing God with socialism and communism, while the Right proposed replacing God with nationalism and soft fascism, which was politically acceptable at the time. For all practical purposes, Right and Left are the two arms of Zionism, which attempted to leave God in exile. Today, both sides are facing a dead end. We tried to justify our existence with the horrors of the Holocaust. That worked for fifty years, but it doesn’t work any longer and the Jewish Nation is once again searching for its identity and its God.”

Feiglin says that Religious Zionism did, indeed, attempt to connect Zionism with religion, but the Zionist Congress had already determined that “Zionism has nothing to do with religion”, and in order to generate a true revolution, we must lead and not follow. Feiglin added that running to settle the hilltops left Religious Zionism in the follower position and because of that, he sees the National Union as one of the crumbs of Religious Zionism that has no chance to be a leadership alternative.

“The Jewish Home party has adopted all the illnesses of secular Zionism. There is no difference between Bennett and Netanyahu and the National Union faction of the Jewish Home does not even begin to think about leadership,” said Feiglin. When asked if nonetheless, because the National Union’s diplomatic positions are close to his, if there is a chance that in the future he would join that party, which is already in the Coalition and has a representative in the Cabinet, he replies: “Everyone is invited to talk to me and I do not disqualify anyone”.

As to the Channel 2 poll, which seems to show the Right losing votes, Feiglin says that this poll and others like it are insignificant, for he is talking about a fundamental alternative. “I did not vote in the previous elections,” he said. “Those who fear losing votes will find themselves with the same thing, which is not the solution and is actually part of the problem. There is no difference between Right and Left. The only difference is that the Right has no opposition and it can implement Oslo.”

According to Feiglin, the Oslo vision is completely aligned with the spirit of secular Zionism, which seeks normalcy and quiet. “Oslo is not an anti-Zionist process. Instead, it is a desperate attempt to actualize the Zionist dream of normalcy. When you come in the name of Zionism, you will eventually get there. Look at Sharon, the great builder of the Land of Israel, the great general, the man who advocated the greater Land of Israel approach…he also knew everything,” Feiglin added. “We are afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror and to admit that we are betraying our mission to establish a leadership alternative.”

When asked if, as an IDF officer, he is not concerned that his call to follow him has gone unanswered and that he is storming the target with no soldiers after him – and that his message, deep and fundamental as it may be – is not leading to a real alternative on the ground, Feiglin answered: “True, leadership calls for people to follow. I know that from my days in the army, from organizing the Zo Artzeinu protests and from politics, as well. But there are periods of high tide and of low tide. I am not comparing myself to anybody else, but King David also had periods of high tide and low tide. Leadership has to know how to call upon people to follow even when it is dark.”

And back to the uncomplimentary Channel 2 poll: “When we rely on the one and a half percent that Channel 2’s Amit Segal gave us, I can say that in more thorough polls, which cost one hundred thousand shekels and not nine thousand – polls that the Likud and Lapid’s party commissioned, Zehut is at about 8 mandates. Our goal is 15 mandates,” said Feiglin. “Trump, Macron and others did not listen to the polls and won. The latest foolishness of Channel 2 is not what you will see in the elections. I have no right to leave the Nation of Israel without a leadership alternative.”

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