• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Russian Closure of Syrian Airspace Highlights Israel’s Lack of Strategy

The closure of Syrian air space due to Russian “exercises” reminds us that the ability of Israel’s air force to carry out missions in Syrian skies – which used to be completely unhindered – is now entirely dependent upon Russian interests.

This strategic deterioration stems from Israel’s erroneous perspective on its place in the Middle East. The vacuum that was created with the collapse of the Syrian regime and the horrors that accompanied it were a natural invitation for the regional power – Israel – to create a safe area under its control (in order to protect human rights in the region and also to protect herself).

However, a state and leadership with no identity, which live in a constant state of existential apology, are incapable of thinking along those lines. The leadership does not formulate a strategy and then take action but rather conducts tactical responses to unfolding events.

That is Netanyahu’s expertise and nobody can do it better.

The Russian bear came to fill the vacuum in Syria and Israel’s ability to defend itself is now dependent on Putin’s good will. Apparently, we have not yet begun to pay the price.

Zehut will act to restore Israel’s freedom to conduct itself as a sovereign nation with full rights to protect itself - and to act as needed to prevent slaughter and crimes against humanity near our borders.

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