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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Moshe Feiglin’s Rosh Hashanah Message for 5779

Dear Friends and Supporters,

For Zehut, 5778 was a year of planting and getting established. Those of you who attended the book launch in Tel Aviv, clearly felt the uniqueness of our party.

More and more Israelis are opening up to Zehut’s message and in 5779, with God’s help, we will advance to success above and beyond our wildest imagination.

The following is a summary of what 5778 looked like

  1. We held the first stage of the Zehut primaries.

  2. Over the year, we held over 40 “meet the public” projects in which we set up stands throughout Israel and handed out Zehut pamphlets and information.

  3. 50 Zehut home-meetings throughout Israel

  4. We established 7 new Zehut branches, in addition to the 15 existing Zehut branches.

  5. We established 3 new student groups, in addition to the three existing groups.

  6. We held ten major nation-wide activist meetings.

  7. We established three foreign language HQs: English, Russian and French

  8. We established the “Haredim with Zehut” HQ.

  9. We held nationwide Zehut poster-hanging projects.

  10. Hundreds of new activists joined in our activities.

  11. 1000 new members registered for Zehut.

  12. We published new PR material this year:

*The Zehut Platform Summary – a new, easy-to- read version in over 60,000 copies.

* New fliers

* Fliers in English, Russian and French

* Short films about Zehut

* Zehut vouchers to creatively illustrate Zehut’s platform

13. In Tishrei, we held an event for 100 Russian-speaking opinion-makers and media people.

14. In Tevet we held a crowd-sharing project that brought in over 3 million shekels for Zehut’s ongoing activities.

15. In Av we held a third birthday celebration for Zehut with 72 hours of nation-wide Zehut activities…

16. We launched a new Zehut website in Hebrew and English.

17. We launched Zehut’s open-primaries system and opened the second stage of voting for Zehut’s 21st Knesset list.

18. Zehut in the media in 5778:

* 33 Interviews with Moshe Feiglin in the written media or internet

* 71 Radio interviews and podcasts with Moshe Feiglin

* 43 Television or internet video appearances by Moshe Feiglin

Wishing you a good and sweet year,

Moshe Feiglin

#5779 #RoshHashanah

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