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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Prostitution Law as Effective as Prohibition

On Sunday, the Knesset authorized the bill for the imposition of fines in the thousands of shekels for customers of prostitution.

This new bill for criminalization of prostitution consumers will dry up prostitution in Israel the same way that Prohibition dried up the alcohol in the US. On the contrary, the Prohibition Law gave rise to the mafia and the Prostitution Bill will only intensify the prostitution. The main victims will be the prostitutes, themselves. Their dependence on the pimps will intensify and their bargaining power with their customers will be reduced.

This bill is not about how to care for women so that they do not become prostitutes, but rather how to fight against men. Just as Ahmadinijad boasted that there are no homosexuals in his country. In the feminist world, it is unthinkable that a woman would sell her body to a man of her own free will.

So what is the solution? Simple. We will make a law that says there is no such thing as prostitution – there are only victims of prostitution. And who turned them into victims? Men, of course. And as usual, the Jewish Home party supports the bill and everything will be normal again…


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