• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

IDF Senior Command Lacks Identity

Time and again, the many interviewers with whom I have spoken over the past few days have a hard time coming to terms with my conclusion that the IDF gives preference to the lives of hostile populations over the lives of its own soldiers. So here is a quote, straight from the mouth of Yair Golan, who today is Deputy Chief of Staff of the IDF, answering Atzmona pre- military students who stated that the IDF endangers its soldiers in order to safeguard hostile populations:

“The role of whoever dons a uniform is to endanger his life so that those who are not in uniform can live in peace. I have no problem with that.” (Yair Golan, 2006, today a candidate for Israel’s next Chief of Staff).

This spirit, implanted into the IDF by officers like Golan, has already killed too many fighters. It will continue to kill more fighters – if many more soldiers do not join my son’s protest now.

The IDF’s senior command does not have a national identity. In their world, there are those who are in uniform and those who are not. The uniform is their identity. The job of the uniform-wearers is to die for those who are not in uniform – from both sides of the divide.

This is what they have done to our army. They have turned it into an identity-less international force. That is why it cannot deal with a kite.

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