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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

From Zo Artzeinu to Zehut

Today, the 12th of Av, exactly 23 years ago, Shmuel Sackett and I, together with thousands of amazing people, blocked the roads in Israel, as part of the Zo Artzeinu attempt to stop the Oslo Accords.

The country came to a standstill. It was the largest protest that Israel had ever seen.

We did not succeed in stopping Oslo and its horrors because the Right, which won the next elections, had no alternative. It still doesn’t, until this very day. Israel is stuck in Oslo, it can’t swallow it and can’t spit it up. It pays the price of Oslo in blood and bows before terror kites.

Zehut is the formulation and establishment of the alternative to the stillborn vision of the Left and the Right’s lack of vision. Zehut was born 23 years ago, in the Zo Artzeinu movement. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all those who have been on this journey with me – part or all of it – from then until now.

We will not stop until we establish leadership that provides our Nation with an alternative to Oslo and leads it to its destiny, to its essential message, to its liberty and to its happiness.

#ZoArtzeinu #ShmuelSackett

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