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Moshe Feiglin on Channel 10: Israel Enjoys Less Democracy than in Past

This week an international research institute based in Sweden published a report on the state of democracy in the world. It analyzed 170 countries in parameters such as liberalism, free elections and equality. Israel came in at 53rd place, as opposed to 48th place last year. According to the report, Israel moved down from a liberal democracy to an electoral democracy.

Moshe Feiglin was interviewed on Israel’s Channel 10 on the topic.

He said that the ability of a state to deal with insubordination – to allow it and to mete out punishment for it – is the true yardstick of the level of democracy that it enjoys.

Feiglin also mentioned the biometric law as proof of the deterioration of democracy in Israel. He added that in the US, citizens do not even have a state-issued ID card, because the identity of the individual belongs to him, and not to the state. “The state will always use the security excuse to negate its citizens’ liberty. Does anyone in Israel feel more secure because he now has a biometric passport?” he asked.

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