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Zehut is Celebrating its 3rd Anniversary with 3 Days of Action

Zehut is Celebrating its Birthday

Somehow, three years have passed.

Almost three years ago, we established Zehut.

Venturing out into the political desert was a huge challenge.

And look where we are today: A multi-faceted and solid party with thousands of members, a multi-faceted and detailed platform, tens of branches throughout Israel, student groups on the campuses, widespread media interest and at the top level of branding and technology in Israeli politics.

In two more weeks, Zehut will celebrate three years since its founding with three days filled with activity and meaning.

Save the dates: 11-13 Av/July 23-25. And join us!

Day 1: Monday 11 Av/July 23

Celebrate Zehut’s 3rd birthday with a bike trip!

Join Zehut for a cross-country, cross-sector bike trip!

Come with your bicycle, your scooter, your electric bike, your roller blades or your skateboard. Join us wherever you choose along the route.

We will stop at every station along the way for refreshments and a Zehut mini-event.

The trip is open to everyone. No prior experience needed (except for the first segment).

For more info and registration:


Charge: 45 NIS

Every participant will receive a ‘riding kit’, which includes:

Dri-fit shirt, bandana, bottle with logo, bracelet and Zehut flag.


7:30 AM: Netanyah, Big Center (This first segment for experienced riders only).

10:00 AM: Herzliyah, Seven Stars Interchange

1:00 PM Tel Aviv Port

4:00 PM Bnei Brak, Rabbi Akiva Street

Drive to Jerusalem in cars

6:00 PM Jerusalem, Mt. Herzl parking lot

7:00 PM Finish line, picnic, falafel and happening at Sacher Park, Jerusalem

Rental bicycles available at every station. Prior registration and payment for bicycles required.

A bus back to the starting point will be available following the final ceremony. (Payment required).

For more info and registration:


Day 2: Tuesday, 12 Av/July 24

8-12:30 – Zehut hits the streets with info and brochures throughout Israel

2 PM – Moshe Feiglin and Zehut candidates in Israeli marketplaces throughout Israel

4 PM – Zehut launches its new YouTube channel

7 PM – Zehut’s candidates in tens of home meetings throughout Israel

Day 3: Wednesday, 13 Av/July 25

11 AM – Press conference and launch of Zehut’s open primaries at American Zionist House in Tel Aviv. After the launch, you will be able to sign up and register your friends to vote in this stage of the open primaries.

4 PM – Zehut hits the streets with info and brochures throughout Israel

8 PM – Zehut’s young people’s division will hit the pubs in Tel Aviv, distributing vouchers for education, cannabis and more.

To join in on the activities, call Aryeh: 054-499-1733

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