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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

The Blind Israeli Giant vs. Gaza

The following is an excerpt from the new, revised 2018 edition of my Hebrew book, “Where There are no Men”, which is now being prepared for publication:

Not only did the Jews invent a new civilian nationalism for themselves – but the Arabs also learned from us and did the same. A major turning point was when Rabin – and after him, Netanyahu - shook the hand of the chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. When the elected representatives of both the Israeli Right and Left recognized the antithesis of Zionism, when they recognized the legitimacy of the new Arab “nation’s” claim of sovereignty in the Land of Israel, Zionism lost the only sanctified value it ever really had: the Homeland.

The only value that is left today for the blind giant to hide behind and justify himself is the value of self-defense. “Effect Yad Vashem” – a.k.a. “we are just because we were oppressed” doesn’t work well anymore. David has moved down to Gaza and now we are Goliath.

Not even a small piece of ‘justice’ is left for Israel in the face of the warriors of liberation and liberty that we created at Oslo. It is forbidden to kill the person who is just. At the very most, we can kill his mortar shells – once they are already in the air, of course.

Inanimate objects are not just or unjust, so Israel’s self-defense ethos can still defeat them. Even if it is the Zionist occupier and the last of the colonialists.

“No tunnel ever chased me,” I said to today’s frightened Chief of Staff during Operation Protective Edge when missiles from Gaza were exploding in Tel Aviv. “Can you please stop counting how many tunnels the IDF has blown up and tell me who the enemy is”?

The Chief of Staff (who was then Deputy Chief of Staff) muttered something and didn’t answer my question. In the meantime, tens of our IDF soldiers continued to be killed in the pointless war of the blind giant against a miserable little enemy – who in Oslo received from us the most powerful of weapons, the weapon of justice.

Because without G-d, the new Israeli nation that we established here really has no identity. And when you do not know who you are, you cannot identify your enemy. Without identity, there is no justice.

A giant bereft of identity needs an enemy bereft of identity: a tunnel, a missile, a mortar

Currently, Israel is employing advanced missiles against mortar shells, laser beams against kites and drones against balloons.

Zionism is fighting a rear-guard war.

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