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The Duma Balloon Has Also Burst

This week Israel’s court struck down confessions in the Duma arson case, in which suspects were tortured until they confessed to torching the home of the Dawabshe family in the Arab village of Duma. The parents and a small child were killed in the blaze in 2015.

The balloon inflated by the politicians, Israel’s Internal Security Service and the media, who immediately accused Jews of torching the home – has burst.

Zehut calls for the immediate release of the Duma prisoners.

The knights of human rights should be extremely concerned by the outrageous manner in which the Duma case was handled. The Internal Security Service tortured minors with the complete support of the rightist government and particularly of Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

Knights of human rights, where are you? Why haven’t we heard your voices against torture of minors to extract confessions? Zehut candidate Dr. Refael Mines was interviewed on the Channel 2 Kan Radio show on another outrageous aspect of this case. The following are translated excerpts of the interview:

I do not want to speak to you about the torture that was proven to have been perpetrated against the Jewish suspects of the arson in Duma, even though many claimed that it did not happen. You say that the public has missed an important point that sheds an entirely different light on the story.

There were 5 additional fires in the extended Dawabshe family since the fire in July 2015, in which the three members of the Dawabshe family perished. In some of those fires, the Arabs also attempted to blame the Jews. But it was clear that there is a family feud at work here, and that the Dawabshe clan is setting each other’s homes on fire.

What? The police and the prosecution don’t know about those fires? Only you know?

I think that this is a classic case of drawing the bulls-eye around the arrow. Just a few hours after the story of the fire in the Dawabshe home appeared in the media, the IDF spokesperson hurried to announce that it was a case of Jewish terror. There were still no factual proofs that would testify that it was Jews, beyond the graffiti on the walls of the home. But the IDF spokesperson had already announced that it was Jewish terror, creating pressure to find the Jews responsible for the attack. It is difficult to retract a statement like that.

Actually, there have been cases in the past in which the IDF did admit that its original evaluation was mistaken. Whose interest does it serve in this case to blame the Jews?

The police also know that additional homes of the Dawabshe clan have been torched since then. But they have not yet thoroughly investigated and have not tried to connect these additional cases of arson with that fire. That is very strange.

What do the suspects’ attorneys have to say about that?

They did mention it, even though it is not directly connected to the preliminary trial on the torture. But the fact that five more homes have since been torched should present Israel’s Internal Security Service and the police with a huge question. It is similar to a case of a series of murders. If the police catch the ‘”murderer” but the same type of murders continue to be perpetrated, it would be logical to assume that they have taken the wrong suspect into custody.

But the police can say that since they have taken that group into custody, there are no more ‘price tag’ incidents.

If they claim that the suspects burned the home in Duma, why have five homes in Duma been torched since? And if the other five were torched by Arabs, why think that the first home was torched by Jews? The only difference between the first home and all the rest was the graffiti that said “Price tag”. That graffiti was in Hebrew. But we know that Arabs also know how to write in Hebrew. There were a number of previous “Price tag” incidents, in which it turned out that the “Price tag” graffiti was written by Arabs or leftists in order to implicate the Right. This is nothing new.

Where did that happen?

There was an incident like that in the mosque in Jaffa. A Moslem cleric was murdered there, and the Arab murderers left “Price tag” graffiti.

You said that the Left also forged “Price tag” graffiti?

There was a case in Jerusalem, in which “Price tag” was written against leftist activists, and then it turned out that the graffiti was written by the leftists, themselves.

Dr. Refael Mines, candidate on the Zehut Knesset list, thank you very much.

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