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Moshe Feiglin on Facebook Live: Politics is the Art of Compromise. But...

The following is a translated excerpt from Moshe Feiglin's Facebook Live broadcast, Thursday, June 14th.

Question: What do you answer to those who say that politics is the art of compromise? That you must be pragmatic in order to attain your goals?

Moshe Feiglin: It is true that a politician must be pragmatic to attain his goals in the political arena. The question is, what are those goals. What is his vision? For example, what is Naftali Bannett’s vision for Ramallah, an Arab city adjacent to Jerusalem, fifty years from now? And what is my vision for Ramallah? Naftali Bennett’s vision for Ramallah fifty years from now is that it will be an Arab city. Mine is that it will be Jewish. That is a huge difference in vision and leadership. I am not telling you that we will accomplish this tomorrow. We must be pragmatic. But we have defined our goals and we know in which direction to progress in order to achieve them.

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