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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Dynamite Doves? Blazing Butterflies?

Over this last week, the IDF dealt with the mortar fire from Gaza by employing smart missiles that take out the mortar shell while it is in flight. Strange, isn’t it? Guided missiles against mortar shells? But for Israel’s citizens, it seemed perfectly normal.

When Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu and Sharon shook the hand of the head of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine – all of it – Israel lost much more than territory. Israel lost the justification for its sovereign existence in the Land of Israel. With the Oslo Accords, we lost the dimension of justice of our cause. When Israel recognized that this Land belongs to a foreign nation, it turned itself into a colonialist state – and the terrorists who launch the rockets, mortars and terror kites – into freedom fighters.

The only value behind which the IDF can still legitimately act is the value of self defense. After all, it is their land…you, yourself, recognized that…perhaps they did not hear of the Geneva Convention, so they shoot at civilian targets. But when all is said and done, the Israelis built their state on ‘Palestinian’ ground. You are the one stepping on someone else’s toes.

In this distorted picture, Israel is large and strong, so it must hide behind the self-defense value and use its technological capabilities only proportionally. This has created an absolutely insane reality. The more that Israel’s technological capabilities expand, the more the Hamas resorts to primitive weapons.

First, the Gazan terrorists would shoot rockets into Israel. For that, Israel developed the genius Iron Dome. Then, the Hamas resorted to firing mortar shells into Israel. When the amazing Iron Dome was upgraded to be able to down mortar shells, the Hamas tried terror kites. So far, this one has left Israeli experts stumped, but never fear – the famous Jewish brainpower will find a technological solution for those burning kites, for their incendiary balloons and who knows? Maybe for dynamite doves, as well? Blazing butterflies?

We will do anything to avoid admitting that this is our Land.

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