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Moshe Feiglin: There is a Solution for Gaza

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Zehut's Five-Point Plan for Gaza

  1. Eliminate the Hamas leadership.

  2. Restore Israeli military and civil control of Gaza.

  3. Nullify the Oslo Accords, extinguish the blaze that we ignited with those mad accords.

  4. After we have a military government in place, slowly but surely, free the Arabs that have been stuck in Gaza since Oslo. They want to go. Approximately a million and a half Arabs there dream of leaving. Israel would have no problem getting them at the front of the line for emigration, if it is done in an orderly and staged manner.

  5. Ultimately, we apply sovereignty there. Gaza should be like all the other predominantly Arab cities in Israel – like Jaffa, Acco or Nazareth. That should be the last frame in the movie. Israeli sovereignty in Gaza, a bustling, prosperous city on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Click here for Zehut's full plan for peace in Israel.

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