• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

A Tale of Two Cities

I thought that, similar to the past, as soon as quiet in Israel would be restored, the piano on the Titanic would resume playing and nobody would bother thinking about Gaza anymore. But something good (and unusual) is happening. The day of rockets that we suffered on Tuesday continues to reverberate in Israel. Apparently, Israel is beginning to wake up from the Oslo stupor. Parts of Zehut’s solution are beginning to be voiced by Israel’s ministers. Our clear voice is beginning to penetrate even the most blocked of ears.

In all the interviews that I gave over the past days, I have emphasized a five-point plan:

  1. Eliminate Hamas heads

  2. Nullify the Oslo Accords.

  3. Restore Israeli military control of Gaza (Pre-Oslo Gaza was paradise compared to what we have there today).

  4. Free the refugees of Gaza – in a staged and orderly process – from the hell that Israel’s Left has created there. Put them at the front of the line to all the most desired emigration destinations throughout the world. Israel can certainly do this, and there are many countries in the world that need immigrants in order to maintain their economies.

  5. Application of full Israeli sovereignty. Those who want to remain will be offered permanent residency status. The few who will desire to serve in the IDF and prove their loyalty over time, will embark on a vetted path to citizenship.

Gaza always was -and continues to be – an integral part of the Land of Israel. It has Jewish history going back 3000 years, from Samson to Rabbi Israel Najarh – the Chief Rabbi of Gaza, who wrote the famous Shabbat liturgical hymn, Kah Ribon – years before the Egyptian refugees who live there today reached Gaza’s shores. The Jewish community in Gaza was destroyed in the Arab riots between 1929-1936.

We must simply remember that this is our Land and dare to dream our dreams – and make them come true – instead of adopting the Left’s narrative and trying to somehow manage with their dreams of disengagement.

Zehut’s dream is for Gaza to be like Jaffa – just more developed. An Israeli tourism haven on the shores of the Mediterranean, full of life, well-being and prosperity.

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