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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Shameful to “Charge Legitimacy Batteries”

This morning, one of the 27 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza landed in the yard of a nursery school. What would happen if a rocket had been shot instead over the British or American border and landed next to a nursery school there? Would their response be pointless shooting at empty targets?

How pathetic – shocking, actually – is our desperate wait for a rocket that actually will strike a nursery school in order “to charge our legitimacy batteries”.

How shameful is the new concept that we have invented: “to charge our legitimacy batteries”.

Why isn’t our sovereignty legitimate enough?

Why do we need piles of children’s bodies so that we can have the legitimacy to ultimately do exactly what I suggested in my previous post?

Why do we need all the horror in order to do what we will eventually be forced to do, anyway?

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