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Zehut is not about Equality. It is about Abundance.

Question and Answer with Moshe Feiglin on Facebook Live

Q: The voucher method is liable to create inequality in education. Wealthy parents will add money to the vouchers they receive in order to buy a better education for their children.

A: Zehut does not wish to create equality. Equality is created by the radical Left. Equality is created by Communism. Equality is what they have on the empty supermarket shelves in Venezuela. Equality can be found in those ideologies that do not believe in the existence of G-d. It is no coincidence that Communism and atheism go together. Our idea is not equality. It is abundance. We want as much abundance as possible.

If the poor student gets monthly vouchers for 2000 shekels and his teacher’s salary is almost 30,000 shekels per month, why does it bother you that a student born into a wealthy family also gets lessons in electric guitar? This situation already exists today. Should we chop off everybody’s head and feet so that they will all be equal? We want everybody to have as much as possible. And if someone comes from a wealthy home, let him have more. Why do we want the wealthy to have less? They are the engine of the entire economy, driving us toward abundance. And that abundance will include the poor, as well.

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