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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

US Aid Seriously Harms Israel’s Economy and Security

Yesterday, Ayal Union, Vice President of Finances at Israel Aircraft Industries, said the following in a radio interview: “Israel is now seventy years old and it has to stand on its own two feet. Israel must withdraw from the US Aid Agreement, because the damage that it does to Israel’s aircraft industry is destructive. Twenty two thousand Israelis will be fired if it goes forward.”

“It is like a drug addiction,” he added. “Just like we lost the textile industry in the nineties, if the agreement continues, we will lose the aircraft industry.”

The reasons for ending US foreign aid to Israel and the damages that it causes are detailed in Zehut’s platform. The US aid is like a cast on a healthy leg. It does serious harm to our economy and our security. In PM Netanyahu’s first speech at the US Congress, he also spoke of ending US aid.

So why hasn’t it ended? Because the aid industry sustains generations of political wheeler-dealers.

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