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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairmanof Zehut

Move Israel’s Government Offices to East Jerusalem – Now

Today, the day that the US embassy is moving to Jerusalem, is a holiday of historic proportions.

It is a historical day in Jewish history in the perspective of thousands of years. The opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem will not be the first time that the nations of the world had to urge the Jews to wake up from their apathy.

The Cyrus Declaration, which led to the Return to Zion and the building of the Second Temple, was self-initiated. The Jews of that time had forgotten Jerusalem and only the poor took advantage of the declaration and returned to Zion.

The Balfour Declaration, which led to the establishment of the State of Israel, was motivated by British religious faith, not by Jewish demand. Then, too, most of the Jews had forgotten Jerusalem. Few made Aliyah to Israel, and it was the Holocaust that essentially brought the masses of Jews to our Land.

The Trump Declaration leads to world recognition that the Holy City, the City of the Temple, the city that is holy to all humanity, the city of portent and vision – belongs to the Nation of Israel. The implication of the Trump Declaration is that the message of faith, liberty and peace – is the message heralded by the Nation of Israel.

As in the past, this declaration has not been made because of Jewish efforts, but rather, despite them. I am still concerned that the “after-party” of the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem will be Israeli withdrawal from eastern Jerusalem and the internationalization of the Old City. Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze’ev Elkin is talking about it as are other MKs and the Left. The writing is on the wall.

But G-d works in mysterious ways and today is a day of celebration. In order for us not to once again dissolve this historic opportunity and find ourselves with another American embassy in “Palestinian” Jerusalem, the Israeli government must move its offices – now – to eastern Jerusalem.

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