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Moshe Feiglin on Radio Tel Aviv: Netanyahu has already Agreed to Relinquish Jerusalem Neighborhoods

There is talk of four Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority.

Personally, I think that Netanyahu has already agreed to this. Foreign sources are reporting that the payment that Israel will make for the transfer of the US embassy to western Jerusalem will be the internationalization of eastern Jerusalem. This means absolute loss of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.

It’s a win-win. We get the US embassy in Jerusalem and we also get rid of four Arab neighborhoods.

I want to tell you something. Zionism in the State of Israel never wanted Jerusalem. The Palmach had already entered the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948 and Ben Gurion took them out. In 1967, the last thing that Israel’s government – barring Alon and Begin - wanted was to liberate Jerusalem. Afterwards, they returned the keys to the Temple Mount to the Moslem wakf. It wasn’t a coincidence that Netanyahu removed the metal detectors from the Temple Mount when the Arabs threatened to stop going there. The message of Jerusalem is too big for Zionism. Our connection to our identity is lacking. On one hand, we are incapable of identifying and thus defeating our enemies. On the other, we do not want Jerusalem. Netanyahu was opposed to the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem. It is moving because of the pressure of the Evangelists on Trump.

Moshe Feiglin, thank you, we’ll be talking again soon.

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