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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Socialism Creates Misery

A year ago, I visited a dying man who I did not know, but had requested to meet with me before he passed on.

We talked. He knew Che Guevara personally. He told me how the mother of a boy who had disappeared begged him to return her son. “Don’t worry,” Che answered. “Your son will return tomorrow.” And he did return the next day. In a box.

Today was May 1st, the holiday of the ideology that spread more death, poverty and misery than any other ideology in human history.

But Guevara’s picture is all over t-shirts throughout the world and socialism is still the benchmark of political correctness.

We are all equal before the Creator. But we are all different from each other. The foundation of the attempt to forcibly correct this is in denial of the existence of G-d. For this reason, communism and atheism generally go together.

Diversity is what creates our mutual need for each other. Through this mutuality flows the “invisible hand” – life and abundance.

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