• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Responsibility, not Regulation

After 10 youngsters drowned during an organized hike with a pre-military academy, there have been many calls for more regulation to prevent further tragedies.

But what we are lacking is responsibility – not regulation.

What Israel needs is an expert body – preferably private – which will give a standards certification for hikes and the like. It will be fed the data and will express its opinion. Those institutions that act in accordance with this recognized body, will be considered to have taken responsibility. This cannot be obligatory, however.

An institution that did not act with reasonable responsibility will be liable to be sued – even if no accident occurred.

Just don’t add more State – we already have more than enough!

Ultimately, transferring responsibility on every issue from the citizens to the state removes responsibility from the citizen. In the long-term, it will cause an increase – not a decrease – in accidents.


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