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Moshe Feiglin on Arutz 7: Too Many Rightist Small Parties will Lose Votes for Right?

(Translated excerpts from a radio interview with Moshe Feiglin on Monday, 10 Nissan/March 26)

What do you say about all the rightist-centrist small political parties? There is Ya’alon and Levi-Abuksis and Amsalem and Eli Yishai and Moshe Feiglin. And what will be with all the votes that will go down the drain?

Don’t worry. Zehut is starting with 15 mandates. There is nothing to worry about. It is amusing that Bogey Ya’alon is considered a rightist party. Zehut is the only party that talks about Israeli sovereignty in all parts of our Land and also explains why. I am coming from a fascinating meeting with an Arab from Hebron, who came to my office from Hebron to talk about how to advance Zehut’s political plan.

On a deeper level, your question suggests that we should adopt the Oslo “two-state-solution” forever and to continue to march backwards while we conduct Zionism’s rear-guard war - every time fighting for something else. One time we struggle to prevent the destruction of Amona and the next time to prevent the destruction of Netiv Ha’avot – and once over metal detectors on the Temple Mount and then about the Arab march from Gaza. After each round, we find ourselves in a place a bit lower in terms of our legitimate right to this Land, in terms of our very national existence in this Land.

If we don’t want to continue this dizzying downward spiral, then we have to ask ourselves this question: Is it wrong to bring down Netanyahu’s government? Is it wrong to bring down this rightist government? From the moment that Netanyahu hugged Arafat and adopted the principle according to which this Land is not ours, but belongs to a different nation, at that moment, we should have all enlisted to bring the rightist government down. Let’s tell the truth. Our goal is the Land of Israel – not the Right for the sake of Right. The Right has surrendered more parts of the Land of Israel than the Left. And it will continue to do so.

What you are asking me is why am I taking votes from Netanyahu and the Likud and their adoption of the leftist program and the two-state-solution. That makes our current situation irreversible. Whoever comes with a true solution (the people that you mentioned before don’t even have the beginning of a solution) but anybody who comes with a true solution, you kill him before he even begins to wake up. So we have to decide. Do we want to emerge from servitude to freedom on Pesach? Or do we want to remain in Egypt?

Those people who have true liberty in their hearts will vote for Zehut. There are those who want to remain in servitude to Oslo and to the Left, to Netanyahu – who gets the voters out by saying that the Arabs are running to vote – and then destroys Amona. Now Netanyahu will internationalize Jerusalem. That is Trump’s plan. Those who prefer to remain in captivity, in servitude in Egypt - that is their privilege. But don’t tell me that I am taking votes from the Right. That servitude is the worldview upon which your question is founded.

Moshe Feiglin, how talented of you to put together the holiday of Pesach and election campaigning. Thank you very much.

Thank you, happy Festival of Freedom to all.

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