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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Israel’s Strategic Debacle

The Israeli attack against Iran - that never happened - must be analyzed from a broad, strategic perspective. When Iran built the plutonium reactor, Israel had a golden opportunity to attack a relatively easy target – as opposed to the underground nuclear enrichment facilities in Iran.

Even if the outcome had been partial, the strategic meaning would have been that Iran is inside the legitimate borders of Israel’s reach.

Passing the responsibility for Iran’s nuclear program to Obama (that is what Netanyahu did with his speeches) gave the Iranians immunity. It transformed them from the status of a crumbling, rogue state to a regional power, which is currently digging in on our borders.

We founded a state so that the next time a dictator attempts to destroy us, we will not have to beg for the help of the American pilots, who flew over the death camps and didn’t bomb them. This is exactly what we have been saying for 70 years to every visiting VIP who we dragged straight from the airport to the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

But at the moment of truth, Netanyahu did the opposite. He once again ran to beg the US for help, as if he was a mere community leader of a helpless European pre-Holocaust Jewish village. As a result, we lost the legitimacy for our very sovereign existence. We couldn’t even put a metal detector on the Temple Mount after terrorists murdered our police officers.

In the Middle East, either you sit down to the meal – or you are part of the menu.

Netanyahu has turned us into part of the menu.

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