• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

What About Polls Pessimistic on Zehut?

(Translated excerpts from Moshe Feiglin’s Facebook Live session on 30 Adar/March 15)

There are polls in which Zehut gets double digits, as Yaakov Bardugo said to me on the radio studying two different polls conducted by two large parties in Israel. . On the other hand, Channel 2 political commentator Amit Segal said that Zehut will not pass the voting threshold.

The difference between the two polls is the depth of the questions that they asked. Zehut is a new concept in Israeli society. When MK Orly Levi immediately after announcing her new party gets eight mandates, it is no surprise. She represents the socialism that the poor are looking for and she has an automatic voter bank. Zehut is something new. Something that touches almost every sector of society. When we say that Zehut has potential for more than 20 mandates, it is for this reason. But Amit Segal’s poll didn’t ask any deep questions.

Zehut is talking about returning the economy to the people, liberty to the people. This requires a different level of listening and does not appear in the quick 500 person poll conducted by Channel 2. The large parties, whose polls Bardugo saw, invest money to check undercurrents. And that is where Zehut is doing well.

One thing that we have learned internationally from polls, however, is that they are unreliable. Zehut has a message, we have vision, we know how to break out of the vicious cycle in which Israel is enmeshed, We will work hard to ensure that this message will become reality in the Knesset.

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