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Will Votes for Zehut Bring Downfall of Right? Interview with Moshe Feiglin on Radio Moreshet

(Translated excerpts from an interview with Moshe Feiglin on Radio Moreshet on Sunday, 24 Adar/March 11, ’18)

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said that voting for Zehut would split the Right vote and be its downfall. What do you say to that?

The established Right wants everything political to be under its auspices. In the days of Zo Artzeinu, the only truly effective protest against Oslo, the Yesha Council also opposed our enterprise.

Nevertheless, there is a vote threshold. If you get 90,000 votes, still not passing the vote threshold, the damage to the Right will be significant.

The polls that were conducted for Zehut and the polls that were conducted for the large parties showed that Zehut will get 12 Knesset mandates. In a live interview on Galei Tzahal a few months ago, the interviewer said that he had seen the polls of the large parties and that Zehut will enter the Knesset with double digits. So what does it all mean? Nobody knows. As for the essence of the matter, the established Right has never done more than damage control – damage wrought by the Left. The established Right still speaks the Oslo-speak and simply tries to incur fewer damages. It has never emerged from Oslo-consciousness to create a vision and goals of its own.

Politics is the art of compromise. If you want it all, you may end up with nothing.

Only the Right compromises. For example, when there was talk of uprooting an Arab village, all the heads and intellectuals of the Left threatened a civil war. As a result, nobody makes any such proposals today. But uprooting settlers has become perfectly acceptable. The Right is incapable of going to battle for its principles. That is because it has no vision that will take us outside of the consciousness that the Left has created. Zehut is offering Israel a true vision and the tools to accomplish it. We have managed to connect with significant numbers of people in all sectors of Israeli society. Should we cease and desist now and not bring new hope to Israel?

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