• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

New Zehut Member: Yosef from Nazareth

The Hizbollah missile hit the wall near Yosef. He was injured in his face and his leg was blown off, but his comrades in the Golani Brigade managed to get him out of danger and to the hospital in time. Yosef recuperated, went through rehabilitation – and beside a ‘glorious’ scar on his cheek, he looks and functions like anyone else.

As an Arab, Yosef had army authorization to remove his IDF uniform when he would go home to Nazareth, but he never did so. He was spat at and cursed, but he insisted on proudly wearing his uniform.

When Yosef turned to me and expressed interest in Zehut, I invited him to read the party platform and get back to me. Yosef delved into every word and sent me a list of questions. When I answered, I didn’t try to wriggle out of any issue. ”Israel is a Jewish state,” I answered him. “Whoever tries to blur that in order to include you (or to put it more precisely, pursues you in order to blur his own Jewish identity) will betray you at the first opportunity, just as the State of Israel betrayed the fighters of the South Lebanon Army. Only those who are loyal to their own identity can make a true covenant with their neighbors.”

We met a number of times and discussed the issues in depth – issues that every other party tries to sweep under the carpet. Yosef considered everything carefully and chose to join Zehut.

Welcome Yosef! Glad to have you on board!

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