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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Elections Coming Up Good for Netanyahu

(Translated excerpt from Moshe Feiglin’s Facebook Live session, Thursday, 21Adar/March 8.)

It looks like Israel will be going to elections in the coming months – either before summer vacation or directly after. It is possible that the Ultra-Orthodox MK, Health Minister Litzman, who has initiated the current crisis over the draft, is synchronized with Netanyahu. Every time that the police sign on a new state’s witness, the Likud gains three or four Knesset seats in opinion polls. The public does not like the way the police are handling this investigation of Netanyahu, and every potential blow to him has boosted his popularity. The police have finally caught on that bringing additional state’s witnesses works against them and we can safely say that there will be no more state’s witnesses. From here, Netanyahu can only lose ground. So now is the time for elections, when he is at the height of his popularity.

How does the deal with Litzman work? The Ultra-Orthodox parties create an artificial coalition crisis over the draft, making it unnecessary for Netanyahu to call elections for political reasons. Netanyahu is at the height of his popularity, so the assumption is that he will be re-elected. This is what the Ultra-Orthodox prefer, because the alternative seems to be Lapid.

Our working assumption is that elections will be held within the next few months, and we are busily campaigning, as you can see from the pictures from this Friday.

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