• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Why Wait for the Police to Leak Contents of Interrogation?

The following are translated excerpts from Moshe Feiglin’s Facebook Live session on Saturday night, 16 Adar/March 3, ’18.

As the investigations against PM Netanyahu broaden, we have become accustomed to the media relating the contents of the interrogation to the public within an hour or two. The source of these leaks is obviously the police department, itself. I have a suggestion for anybody who is about to be investigated on an issue of public interest. Why let the police leak selectively? If you are summoned to an interrogation, instruct the police to forward all their questions to the media. You for your part, can promise to answer all the questions in a press conference. If the police are only going to leak parts of your testimony, why not let the entire public hear everything that you have to say in a live broadcast?

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