• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Get Ready for Zehut Open Primaries

With its open primaries, Zehut gives every citizen in Israel the political power of a member of the Likud Central Committee. The extreme Left party Meretz tried to institute open primaries and failed (and party chairwoman Zehavah Galon resigned as a result). The concept of open primaries does not even exist in the rest of the parties. Zehut is drawing Israeli politics to a new, clean and refreshed place. No more appointments in the shadows of the political machine, no more mass membership through employer coercion, no wheeling-dealing and no shtick. Zehut has room for everyone and any citizen, non-Zehut members included, can rate the candidates from their computer or phone.

This video explains the Zehut primary system from start to finish. We have already completed the first stage and have 15 elected candidates. Soon, we will be entering the second stage, open primaries, which are explained starting at 1:12.

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