• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

There is a Solution to the Haredi Draft Crisis

“I have a solution for the Haredi military draft issue, “I said to Yair Lapid when we first entered the Knesset.

“What is it?” Lapid asked.

“The IDF doesn’t need them or most of the young people who are drafted. Most Israelis (secular included) do not serve in the army or do not serve in a significant manner. Let us pass a law together for a professional, volunteer army. Everyone will enlist for a short training session. From among those interested in volunteering for the professional army, the IDF will choose those who it really needs – just like it does now for the pilots, the navy and the Border Police.”

The expression on Lapid’s face said it all. In one fell swoop, I had slaughtered the horse upon which he had rode to the Knesset.

He mumbled something and hurriedly walked away.

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