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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Police-Court Corruption Nothing New

I experienced the corrupt connection between judges and the police first hand, over twenty years ago. I was summoned to a police investigation on Sukkot Eve for a false complaint against me, that had been filed by a leftist activist. It soon became clear to the police interrogators that the complaint was baseless. But before they released me, they demanded that I sign personal bail.

When I asked why, they answered – Just because.

The ability of the police to get what it wants at the expense of the detainee, who wants nothing more than to get out of the police station and back home, has turned the tool of bail into routine procedure – even when it is totally uncalled for.

I refused to sign, and for two days, high-ranking police commanders made their way to my detention cell in an attempt to convince me to sign bail and go home. Eventually, I was brought before a judge and to my amazement, she authorized my continued detention for an additional week. That is how I sat in jail with no criminal complaint against me for the entire holiday of Sukkot.

In the end, I was released – without signing bail, of course. And without an indictment of any sort.

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