• Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Debate Over Infiltrators About Jewishness of State of Israel

Two demonstrations took place tonight in Tel Aviv. One was against the deportation of the infiltrators from Africa. The second was held by the residents of the Tel Aviv neighborhoods that have suffered murder, rape and assault by the infiltrators ever since they moved in. I spoke at the second demonstration and said the following:

Not far from here, another demonstration is taking place. It is a demonstration funded by foreign sources. We say that we are a family, we have a home and we can shut the door against infiltrators. The people at the other demonstration say that we are not a family. That this is not a Jewish State. That this is a state of all its citizens and that we cannot shut the door. The debate here is if there is a Jewish Nation and if Israel is a Jewish state or not. Those who do not want a Jewish Nation and a Jewish State are over there. And those who want a Jewish Nation and a Jewish State are here.

Now for some facts: What has been happening to the synagogues in southern Tel Aviv? They are being converted into churches, taverns and brothels for the African infiltrators. This has to stop. The government – although overdue and although it is hesitant – has begun to expel these infiltrators and we must support it. All the foreign-funded pressure to force Israel not to be a Jewish State will not help. We are here and the Zehut party is here to support the expulsion. You will get your neighborhoods back and we will reaffirm that the State of Israel is a Jewish State and the Nation of Israel is a Jewish Nation.

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