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  • Nadav Halamish

Zehut Candidate Nadav Halamish: Zehut Creates Hope for Israel

I was born and grew up in the settlement of Ofra. My parents were amongst its founding members.

I am aged 35, married to Moriah, and we have six children.

I have graduated from two courses in computer-orientated colleges.

I am one of the founding members of Zehut and participate in all its activities, such as setting up the Newsletter site and running the Binyamin Region members organization.

My army service was as a combat infantryman in the Nahal Brigade.

I buy only from Jews and don't purchase things made in Germany.

I am fluent in English.

Why Zehut?

Because we've lost too many Jewish lives because of the irresponsible adventures of both the Left and Right.

Because the Jewish People needs leadership that will unstick it from the mud and lead it to a Jewish State of Freedom.

What do you bring with you to Zehut?

A fighting spirit.

Determination to achieve the aim without compromising and without dirty politics.

What are the major issues on which you will focus in your political activities?

To defeat the enemy.

To change the military concept from defense to attack, and then to victory.

To prepare the IDF for the coming great war so that in the end we shall control all Eretz Israel based on the promises made by the Almighty.

So that a Jew can go anywhere in the world and our enemies will not dare to harm him because they will fear our military might.

How will you attract voters for Zehut?

By creating hope.

By reminding them of the greatness of the Jewish People implanted in every one of them, and of their ability to change reality and create a better future for their children.

By inspiring more than a third of all the voters who have almost given up hope, and who haven't bothered to vote because they could not see anyone worth voting for.

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