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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Never Surrender Strategic Assets

The lesson from the downing of Israel’s F-16 fighter jet by an old Syrian anti-aircraft missile is that we must never, never, never allow small-minded politicians to surrender strategic assets acquired with the blood of our soldiers over the decades – while hiding behind the technological fig leaf, and the trite: “The IDF will know how to deal with every threat”…

When a small-minded politician named Ehud Barak surrendered to leftist broadcaster Shelli Yahimovitz and the leftist “Four Mothers” group, we got the Hezbollah in Metulah and our entire state within range of Iran’s precision missiles.

When the small-minded politician Netanyahu gave in to the campaign to release Gilad Shalit, we got the Protective Edge Campaign and 100 bereaved mothers instead of one.

When Netanyahu gave Obama the responsibility to deal with Iran’s threats to destroy Israel, we got Iran on our border fence and international approval for Iran to build a bomb in the future.

When Israel’s leadership – instead of reacting ethically to the slaughter that Assad is perpetrating, and cementing Israel’s status as a regional superpower – buried its head in the sand, a strategic vacuum was created. It was filled by the Russian bear. Today, Iran is already crossing our border, but Israel’s fighter planes are shooting back from within Israeli territory.

Netanyahu’s “speech strategy” in the UN and in the Congress ensured a bomb for Iran.

His “meetings with Putin strategy” ensured Syrian and Lebanon for Iran.

In this way, small-minded politicians melted away Israel’s long-term strategic status, acquired with the blood of our soldiers over the decades – in exchange for short-term political gain.

The price of safeguarding strategic assets will always be immeasurably lower than the price that our soldiers will be required to pay for their vital re-capture.

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