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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal: Another Murdered Jew in the War Over Identity

There used to be a time when we would fight against our identity, attempting to turn Judaism into nothing more than a religion. “We are Germans of the Mosaic religion,” said the Reform Jews in pre-Holocaust Germany.

Today, we fight against our identity by trying to turn it into nothing more than a nationality. “Israel is a state of all its citizens,” says the iconic former Chief Justice Aharon Barak.

In World War I, “Germans” of the Jewish religion killed “French” of the Jewish religion – and in the lulls in the fighting, they would pray together in a quorum.

Ultimately, both the Germans and the French sent the Jews to Auschwitz.

Today, Israeli Arabs murder Israeli Jews. And in the lulls, they go shopping.

In due course, the Israeli Arabs will join the evil axis – just ask former MK and traitor Azmi Bashara.

In the meantime, we have buried another Jewish victim in the war over our identity.

#ItamarBenGal #murder #terror

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