• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Yes, the Chief of Staff Should Resign

Translated excerpts from Moshe Feiglin’s Facebook Live session, 2 Shvat, 5778/Jan. 18, ‘18

This is not politically correct, but we have to put the truth on the table. After all, we are the liberated children of G-d. There is truth and we must speak the truth.

Last week, Chief Rabbi of Tzfat, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, called upon the Chief of Staff to resign for his promotion of mixed-gender combat units. I agree. Do you know why? Because he cannot identify the enemy. During the Protective Edge campaign, I asked General Eizenkott, who was then the Deputy Chief of Staff, who the enemy is. He could not answer me.

Why couldn’t he identify the enemy? He gave us the answer during the Elor Azaryiah saga, when he said that killing the enemy before he can strike is not a value of the IDF. There is no way for the IDF to win without this value. Killing the enemy before he can kill you is a basic military strategy the world over. The answer to the question, “Who is the enemy?” is “Whoever tries to kill you”. If the person who tries to kill you is not your enemy, then who is the enemy? The tunnel? the rocket? In that case, there is no enemy at all. In this respect, the Chief of Staff has failed.

As opposed to his recent predecessors, Chief of Staff Eizenkott has been working very hard to prepare the IDF for the next war instead of for the previous war. The impression that we have is that the IDF, particularly the Air Force, have the capabilities to give leadership that can identify the enemy the ability to win. Apparently, the IDF already has the answer for a missile attack on numerous targets simultaneously. I do not want to go into detail, but the basic impression is that the Chief of Staff is preparing the IDF for the developing threats in a highly professional manner.

We must understand, however, that the ability of an army to carry out its defined objectives is more than just technological and quantitative. It is a combination of training, technological and quantitative capabilities and - the right fighting spirit. And that is what the Chief of Staff is missing. I would even say that he projects just the opposite.

That is why he should resign. Because it doesn’t matter how much you have prepared the army and how professional and well-trained the army is. (The truth is, that there are islands of professionalism in the army, but as a whole, it is not as professional as we would like it to be). But the commander of the most sophisticated fighter plane and the commander of the most sophisticated submarine cannot defeat a young Arab girl who knows who she is, can identify her enemy – and intends to win. And that is where the Chief of Staff is.

When you surrender to the politically correct, when your first goal is to find favor in the eyes of the foolishness of feminism and the radical Left, when you ignore the most fundamental facts of life, and you are willing to pay for those ideas with Israel’s security, then winning is not your goal. Why doesn’t Israel send mixed-gender basketball teams to international competitions? Why only men? Why is it that what is so clear in sports, which is nothing more than games, is not clear to the Chief of Staff in war, which is about life and death? What is so complicated about that? If you have to bring a bench for the woman soldier to climb up on so that she can jump over the wall and you allow her to remove weights, then Israel’s security is not your chief concern.

Let me ask another question. What will happen if the enemy captures one of those woman combat soldiers, G-d forbid? How much are we willing to sacrifice in order to find favor in the eyes of some politically correct blather? Why can’t we take action to prevent these things from happening instead of reacting after they happen? Why do we have to live the most fearsome nightmares before we say, “Just a minute. Didn’t we see this coming down the road?” Just because the politicians and the leaders were embarrassed to tell the truth?

There are many non-combat units where women soldiers can do excellent work. So why push them into the tanks? If the Chief of Staff cannot focus on his main goal – Israel’s triumph – in the face of all the other agendas and politics, then he shouldn’t be there.

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