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I’ve Got Zehut 2018 – Starting this Sunday!

I am excited to write this: Starting this Sunday, our trek to the 21st Knesset begins!

This is the first time in Israel that a political party has chosen crowdfunding to provide the entire budget for its election campaign.

That is certainly no coincidence. Zehut is the only party whose members and supporters are responsible for the party’s decision-making.

Zehut is the party for the people, supported by the people and beholden only to the people!

On Sunday, our biggest and most important fundraising campaign will be starting. We need your help to succeed and reach the goal that we have set for ourselves: To infuse the State of Israel with identity, liberty and purpose.

On Sunday the journey that will determine where Israel will be in a few years from now –begins. Be with us.

With Great Appreciation,

Moshe Feiglin


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