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A Message from Moshe Feiglin

Dear Friends,

In another week and a half, the annual Zehut crowdfunding campaign will take off. Our goal is to raise the funds that we need for the 2018 campaign “I've Got Zehut”, which will open the election campaign for the 21st Knesset.

The I've Got Zehut campaign will start next Sunday, 27 Tevet/Jan. 14 and will go through Thursday, 2 Shvat/Jan. 18. I call upon you to join the hundreds of volunteers who are already putting in time and effort for Zehut to make this campaign a huge success.

Why do we need crowdfunding?

Zehut does not receive a shekel from taxpayers in the form of “political party funding” or in any other form. Zehut is based solely on its members and supporters, who are responsible for the decision-making process in the party.

We are also the first – and only – party to hold open primaries, in which we will make it possible for every Israeli citizen to vote to rank our candidates – regardless of their membership in Zehut or in any other party.

Thus, it is only natural that we also turn to the public to fund our mission. Zehut is for the people and supported by the people and is obligated only to the people!

How can you help? In two ways:

One: Send us leads. Potential donors to whom we can turn during the I've Got Zehut campaign. The success of the campaign is contingent upon the leads that you send us. We need lists of people who are open to Zehut so that our callers can be focused on people who will potentially donate. We need your lists of contacts who support or are open to Zehut. Clearly, these lists will not be passed on – anywhere.

Click here to send us your contacts.

Two: Sign up to be a caller at one of our I've Got Zehut campaign headquarters. The final and all-important stage of all the effort put into the I've Got Zehut campaign is the work of our callers, who will be calling the people on our lists from two headquarters: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. You, together with a large and top-notch group of volunteers, will place calls to our supporters and ask them to partner with us in advancing Zehut’s goals and mission.

Every caller pushes us forward significantly. Please volunteer for this role and be part of building the Zehut alternative for the next Knesset. Please click here to sign up to be a caller for as many shifts as possible.

Thank You.



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