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Interview with Moshe Feiglin on Arutz 7 Culture Corner

This article appeared last Thursday on the Arutz 7 Hebrew website:

What movie do you recommend?

The Pianist, by Roman Polanski. It is a Holocaust movie, but not really. First of all, it is a joy for all lovers of good music in general, and of piano in particular. It is an extraordinary human story, with convincing portraits of the moments of terror – Polanski, like Polanski – is an exacting artist who, in every scene and from every angle, created an experience that you take with you for the rest of your life.

Three Hebrew songs that you like:

For me, songs are like children. You always love the one you are with the most. I love Ariel Zilber – he is the most real and the most convincing. For me, Meir Ariel is the Israeli Shakespeare. He is a virtuoso with words and his voice is very authentic and convincing (perhaps because of all the cigarettes). And of course there are the old songs: Chava Alberstein and Arik Einstein. And the Jewish-faith singers: Yonatan Razel and the big discovery, Daniel Zamir, with his original rendition of Hatikvah, which, in my eyes, is the anthem of the Zehut party.

An interesting Whattsap group that you are part of:

“The Feiglinites”. That is our family whatsapp group. “Feiglinites” was a derogatory name attached to the Zo Artzeinu members, and afterwards, to the Manhigut Yehudit faction in the Likud. The idea was to make our activities look like a cult, but my family actually liked the name and that is what the sign on our front door reads.

What do you find funny?

My weaknesses. Once I got out of my car to visit my mother in Jerusalem, with the phone in my ear, my keys in one hand and a bag of garbage in the other. I threw the garbage into the large bin and when I entered my mother’s building and finished my phone call, I didn’t understand why the garbage bag was still in my hand. Now with the keys somewhere in the garbage bin and the garbage bag in my hand, I said to myself that it is somewhat of a disadvantage to be a public figure. I took advantage of a moment when nobody was around and took an athletic leap into the garbage bin. I quickly found my keys and jumped out. A nice man who came to throw out his garbage asked me innocently, “Feiglin, what are you doing in the garbage?” “I wanted to take a break from the Knesset,” I answered the astonished man and hurried up to my mother’s apartment. Funny, no?

Your favorite pastime:

A good book (that was not bankrolled for a certain agenda). Riding my bicycle, of course, and writing a Torah scroll.

Your most interesting Facebook post:

The question: “Who is the enemy? The tunnel? Or the Hamas?” that I asked Brigadier General Giora Inbar on Avri Gilad’s morning show, and his answer, “The tunnel”. This touched upon the root of Israel’s problem and created much interest.

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