• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Not Because of Corruption

When a famous rabbi joins the agenda dictated by Netanyahu nemesis Eldad Yaniv, he doesn’t turn himself into a soldier in the service of morality. Just the opposite. He and those who follow him turn themselves into soldiers in the service of the disgusting manipulations of the most filthy, despicable creatures in our midst.

The same rabbi supported executing the orders to drive the residents of Gush Katif from their homes. In other words, he indirectly enabled the moral abomination that no corruption can equal. In my eyes, this rabbi’s moral compass it completely off course.

Rightist Yoaz Hendel, who is heading an anti-corruption demonstration scheduled for Saturday night, is right when he talks about the danger of corruption, but he is mixing the important with the unimportant. Corruption and dishonesty have always been here. They are always serious problems, they must always be fought – and I did so without fear when I was an MK.

It is good that the corruption in Netanyahu’s back yard is being investigated and it is good that the public doesn’t like it. However, the level of corruption is currently much lower than it was in the days of Sharon, Barak and Peres. I do not remember demonstrations against corruption then, featuring rabbis, journalist and MKs.

In Israel, corruption is a geographical matter. When it is in the Right’s territory, it is a national agenda. When it is in the Left’s…the offenders are pampered.

Netanyahu’s personal conduct is objectionable. He has to go home, but not because of corruption. He has to go home because the strategy of “Let’s just make it to twelve o’ clock tonight and we’ll see what happens tomorrow” – or in other words, the total lack of any strategy other than personal survival, has turned the man into a strategic catastrophe for the State of Israel.

The man who explained years ago that his main objective was to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat, passed the responsibility for that to Obama – and destroyed the Iranian nuclear reactor with his speeches. Netanyahu is responsible for the fact that not only will Iran have nuclear capabilities, but they will be sitting on our border, a short distance from Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu is the man who removed the metal detectors so that the Arabs would return to the Temple Mount. He is the man who prevented the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem (no – it did not move) and VP Pence’s speech at the Western Wall (did you really think that Pence didn’t come because of Rabbi Rabinovitz?). He is the man who neutralized any effective bills limiting the power of the High Court. He is a man with no vision – and he must go home.

Because when a nation has no vision, it becomes corrupt. The time has come for leadership with vision. If the demonstrations against Netanyahu will ultimately depose him, I will not be sorry. But I cannot lie to myself and participate in them.


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