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Results of Zehut International Primaries

1 - Ben Tzion Spitz - 59.5% 2 - David Sidman - 30% 3 - Rafi Farber - 10.5%

According to the Zehut charter, the head of party, Moshe Feiglin, will place these candidates at the end of each set of ten candidates in the Zehut Knesset list. So 1 will be Zehut's #10, 2 will be #20, etc.

Zehut members from 13 countries took part in the historic elections, including from such far away places as Malaysia, Uruguay, Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland, in addition to Argentina, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Holland, France, and Israel.

Zehut is the first party to enable Jews from the diaspora to have a say in who should represent them in the Knesset. It is expected that the ZEHUT International candidates will pay special attention to fostering the relationship with Jews from all over the world and to help bring them home.

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