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  • Shmuel Sackett, Chairman of Zehut International

Zehut International Opens New Branch in AUSTRALIA

Breaking News --- Breaking News---

Zehut International is proud to announce the opening of a new chapter in… AUSTRALIA!!! Our wonderful volunteers in Australia have completed the paperwork, opened a bank account and received the "Certificate of Registration". The official name is: Zehut International Australia

The goal of Zehut International is to educate people worldwide about Zehut's plan to turn Israel into a strong and proud Jewish state and to get them involved in making that a reality. Zehut is the first – and ONLY – political party in Israel that allows Jews across the globe to vote in party primaries and help elect members to the Knesset! Unlike other Israeli organizations who ONLY want your money, Zehut ALSO wants your VOICE!! The Jewish State belongs to the Jewish NATION… no matter where they live… so get involved with us and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in what is happening today in our beloved Israel. For enquires about Zehut International Australia, to get involved or to receive our weekly emails, please send an email to: As stated above, we want your voice and your involvement, but we need your financial help as well. Donations can be made via EFT (electronic funds transfer) directly into the Zehut International Australia bank account: Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia Account name: Zehut International Australia Limited BSB: 062236 Account number: 10286155 For those who prefer to send a cheque, please send it to the office post box: P.O. Box 611 Rose Bay, NSW 2029 A big thank you goes to all the volunteers who worked hard to make Zehut International Australia a reality! For those wishing to contact a local person in Australia, please contact: Gella – With Love of Israel, Shmuel Sackett - Chairman, Zehut International Aryeh Sonnenberg – International Director

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