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What makes you so sure Zehut will pass the election threshold? Q&A with Shmuel Sackett

How and why will Zehut pass the electoral threshold?

We will pass the threshold because we are not targeting our message to just the right wing. Had we done that, like what Eli Yishai and Baruch Marzel did in the last election, we would indeed face this difficulty. The message of "Zehut" is for secular Jews in Tel Aviv, for small-businessmen in Afula, for parents looking for new ways to educate their children in Netanya, for people in Beersheba who want to privatize the railroad and for millions who want to legalize adult-use marijuana. If we mount a serious campaign, we will have NO PROBLEM passing the threshold.

How and why will Zehut gain a strong showing in the next elections?

The last 2 elections have seen surprises. 2 elections ago, Yair Lapid came out of nowhere (no political experience whatsoever) and received 19 seats in the Knesset! Last election, Moshe Kachlon started a new party and came out of retirement to receive 10 seats. Based on that, experts are predicting that "Zehut" will be the surprise of THIS election. Once again, you need to look at answer to Q1 and understand that with our broad message to the ENTIRE Israeli public, we will reach EVERY BODY!!

How and why will Zehut be a leadership party?

Because the word "leadership" is what we are all about. We are not interested in just 8 Knesset seats. Our goal was, is and ALWAYS WILL BE leading this great country. We want to make major changes and that can only be done in a leadership position. Yes, the first time we will be happy with 10-12 seats, but our eyes will always be on the goal-line; Leadership of Israel!

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