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Moshe Feiglin on Facebook: The Ultra-Orthodox are Right. And they are Wrong

This is translated from Moshe Feiglin’s Hebrew Facebook page. Don’t skip the comments.

“Whoever travels on the Shabbat has forgotten what it is to be a Jew,” said Ultra-Orthodox Health Minister Litzman last week. I am very fond of Litzman and clearly, the Torah is the cornerstone of his identity. But the nation of Israel makes up all the other stones in the building, as well. It is no coincidence that Litzman needed an order from Israel’s High Court in order to become a minister (who recognizes the Zionist government) and not just a deputy minister, which is the position that the Ultra-Orthodox politicians usually take in order to sidestep the issue of recognizing the Zionist government.

Ultra-Orthodox ideology does not see the Nation of Israel without Torah as a nation. As they see it, the State of Israel does not really exist. It is a type of illusion. The British flag was exchanged for the Zionist flag and we remain nothing more than a community (and for that reason, for example, there is no need to enlist in the army).

We must admit that in many ways, that is how we look – like a confused and conflict-ridden community, bereft of identity and national pride.Are we nothing more than a community?Is there not a historical process taking place here, greater by far than the sum of its communities, disagreements, beliefs, heresies and ideologies? When the heretical Zionism defeated the Arab armies, liberated Jerusalem, amazed the world in Entebbe – wasn’t that a sanctification of G-d’s Name?

The Ultra-Orthodox touch upon a true problem. But those who have forgotten the intrinsic essence of the Nation of Israel, those who separate themselves from it – have also forgotten what it is to be a Jew.


Shlomo Gordon:

Let me just add that there is no non-Ultra-Orthodox politician who finds the good points about the Ultra-Orthodox (as people and as Jews) more than Moshe Feiglin. And there is no political party that offers more to the average Ultra-Orthodox person (in other words, not to the rabbis and cronies) more than the Zehut party, with its proposals for the voucher method in education, community independence and professional army.

Moshe Feiglin:

Much more than that, Shlomo. We understand that the Ultra-Orthodox perspective is coming from a very correct place. They understood the historical self-destruction mechanism in the Zionist heresy. It is impossible to deny that. We must embrace and deal with the strong points and weak points and the truth on all the sides.

Ariel Bruno Bircz

Who cares? What do we gain from this post? That everyone should live with his mysticism? Posts like this are frustrating.

Moshe Feiglin

Ariel: I understand your frustration (which comes from a very good place) but you are mistaken.

Because the truth is that somewhere in the last 2000 years, we have all forgotten who we are and what it really is to be a Jew.

And since returning to ourselves is the whole purpose of Zehut, statements like Litzman’s cannot remain in the air around us. If we want both the Ultra-Orthodox and the atheists, we must be able to draw up the truth on both sides and to sift out the chafe. In the exact same way, I do not suppress my criticism or praise from the Right or the Left. The same is true on the belief continuum.

When you say not to criticize the Ultra-Orthodox ideology, you are actually belittling them as people who are not mature enough to accept (very loving) criticism and discuss it.

Tom Caspy

Jesus, can you stop telling strangers if they are Jews or not? Enough, this is beginning to get oppressive.

Moshe Feiglin

Jesus was a Jew…but he forgot what that is

Yisrael Blumenthal

My friend…the Nation of Israel has many intrinsic treasures! Every part of society takes the good points that are comfortable for it…and we must not complain about those who are different than us. It would be good for us to check ourselves, and to become frightened by what we find.

Moshe Feiglin

Right. We have all forgotten and then we returned to our Land and we are trying to remember.

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